Be Exceptional…

Youthnomic …unique opportunities, unparalleled possibilities

The Lion Guard is the favorite cartoon of my two sons, and I enjoyed watching it with them. The heroic adventures of Kion, the son of Simba, as he leads his friends known as the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands gives me so much trills and excitement.

The call to action when Kion shouts. “To The Pride lands defense…” gives me so much joy; just as I also love to hear Kion roar to mobilizes support in difficult times.

Every time I watched a series, i am always excited knowing that there is an emerging network of Active (Youth) Economic Agents who are taking up the challenge to build an inclusive community for all.

This emerging Cohort, “…against all odds are developing innovative solutions to their communities most pressing needs, creating jobs and gaining global recognition.

It is no surprise that these emerging cohorts of Innovative Problem Solvers are living at the top of the food chain like the lions because they provide protection for the ecosystem. They always rise up to the defense of our world and hence humanity rewards them with leadership (as Generation Leaders) and gives them more opportunities for impact.

Their Career has migrated beyond the survival level often associated with those at the Process, People & profit levels. They have migrated to the Policy (Industry) level and they are. gradually moving to become Phenomenon in the problems they have chosen to solve.

This is the reality of this amazing Success Stories of the MindtheGap Google sponsored Digital Skills for Africa Programme. These guys are becoming Serial Innovators, Social Mobility Champions and Transformation IntraPreneurs.

They are driving major changes across different sectors in Nigeria leveraging Digital Technology to Innovate, Digitize and Amplify the Products, Services and Programmes of Small, Medium and big corporate Businesses.

It has been a privilege for to be a part of this amazing opportunities that Digital Skills for Africa has presented.

This is even most delighting with the unique mandate to “…enable Nigerian Youth for the Digital Economy through the Federal Government Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Sustainable Development Goals (OSSAP-SDGs) Programmes.

Consequently, giving the equally unique place that the National Youth Service Corps – NYSC has played in defending Nigeria in critical sectors and event, it has become important to institutionalize Digital Skills for Africa into the scheme. The size, structure and spread of the NYSC provides a strategic platform to bring EFFICIENCY into every sector and region of the National Economy through Digital Skills For Africa.

The involvement of the NYSC will not only enrich and deliver the desired outcome for the DSA, it will also help deliver massive impact to every stakeholder within a short time of proper implementation.

We have therefore identified the NYSC SDGs Volunteers (Community Development Service) as viable platforms to integrate and institutionalize Digital Skills for Africa with a programme tagged; NYSC SDGs–Youth Career Mainstreaming – NSYCM.

NSYCM will help to deliver value to the Corps Members, Corps Employers, Host Community, NYSC as organization and the nation at large as we:

  1. Organize SDGs-Youth Career Mainstreaming to “Improve Youth (Corps) Productivity through Problem Solving and Digital Skills”.
  2. Organize Corps Employers Forum in the communities to Digitize and Mainstream Small & Medium Scale Businesses – SMBs into the SDGs
  3. Accelerate the achievement of the DSA target by Digitizing every Corps Employer, Host Communities and everything of value in them
  4. Community Integration into the SDGs through Advocacy and Direct Implementation of projects to achieve relevant goals/targets.
  5. Leverage Technology for SDGs Data collection, Monitoring and Evaluation, Impact Assessment, Mapping and Reporting.

In view of the unique competencies and aspirations of SDGs Corps Volunteers, the above will not only provide the unique opportunities to hone their skills in Problem solving, Digital skills and Project Implementation, it will also lead to creation of decent Jobs, and Successful Start Ups; with a whole lot of fun and adventures.

Wondering how to be a part of these amazing opportunity? Sign up here and also acquire a FREE Digital Skills Certificate at

You will be glad you did.

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