My Sincere Advice To SDGs Volunteers/Champions: Make the Most of Your PPA and Host Community to Jump-Start Your Career

Meeting you SDGs Champions/Volunteer was a very fulfilling experience for us at

We saw the drive, determination and dynamism in you all and we can only imagine the Improvement and Impact you will bring to your PPA and Host Communities going forward.

As most businesses and organizations seek to grow their business, reducing cost and increase profit or impact, every SDGs Volunteer must be a worthy addition, giving what you know and the access you now have to us.

Understanding your PPA Business Process; how you intend to achieve the Vision, Mission and Corporate Objective and how you can use your knowledge of SDGs Goal 8 and Digital Skills to improve or innovate products, services or projects. This will be a huge opportunity to DISTINGUISH Yourself.

Sustainability and Digital Technology are the two critical elements driving transformational growth today. Across Africa, mobile technology is redefining how small, medium and large corporations are redefining themselves for growth.

In this era of accelerated CHANGES, overwhelming COMPLEXITY & tremendous COMPETITION, every business that wants to be successful must build robust CONTENT, COMMUNITY & COMMUNICATION Strategies to achieve their COMMERCIAL or IMPACT Goals.

So, against all odds, we are confident that each of you can seize the opportunity to become a Google Digital Skills For Africa Success Story as you choose the SDGs that resonate with your career aspirations. Attend the FREE Training, go through the on-line Certifications and jumpstart your career with your contribution to your PPA or through your Personal Community Development Project – CDS.

So, start NOW:

2 Replies to “My Sincere Advice To SDGs Volunteers/Champions: Make the Most of Your PPA and Host Community to Jump-Start Your Career”

  1. Permit me to introduce myself to you sir. I am UMEJIAKU Victor with state code: LA/18C/2206 and NYSC Call-Up No: NYSC/BEN/2018/229185. I am a member of the NYSC Sustainable Development Goals Community Development Service here in Lagos state.
    Sir, i have a personal project to carry out at Oregun High School, Oregun, Ikeja. and have discussed with my LGI. Sir would like to brief you about the project privately.

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