SDGs Digital Innovation Meet Up: “Accelerating The SDGs”

Digital skills will unleash the creativity, innovation and the boundles imagination of the most productive segment of our society (the Youth).

– Vice President Yemi Oshinbajo (August 30th, 2016 at the Launch of OSSAP-SDGs Digital Skills For Africa Programme)

This is the story of the emerging Social Mobility Entrepreneurs. They are new generation SDGs focused start up businesses with the sole mandate to “Improving the quality of lives of their target market/community”. They use digital technology to involve everyone, everywhere in the actualization of the relevant goals and target of the SDGs.

They reimagine the SDGs as Economically Viable Market Needs – EVMN that facilitates progress for all facilitate innovative solutions like: www.safetyforall.ngp

Social Mobility Business – SMBs, against all odds uses the Problem to Project, Project to Passion and Passion to Profit model to turn public policies to social action and democratized human development as “…the aspirations of the people, by the people and for the people…”

The bootstrapping is driving by rapid prototyping methodology with its incremental financing modelling from Personal, Friends and Family, Corporate Partnership to return on investments.

SMBs motivation is a complete departure from the SURVIVAL instinct of some earlier “Entrepreneurship Adventures”, rather it is built on a problem solving start up culture through Project Based Incubation Process.

Here are some amazing National Youth Service Corps – NYSC SDGs Champions who are mainstreaming their career into the SDGs leveraging digital technology to jumpstart their career during their service year (watch in landscape):

So, in view of the size, structure and spread of the NYSC the Community Development Service mandate has therefore become a strategic platform to incubate this new generation of SMBs.

OSSAP-SDGs Trains 125, 000

With 125,000 Youth Trained Nationwide by OSSAP-SDGs, the level of awareness of the opportunities in Digital Technology has become huge. The hunger and enquiries for more as demonstrated by over 26,000 and growing number of these Youth has been so exciting.

A growing number of them are jumpstarting their career leveraging Digital Skill and Goal 8: Target 1 & 2 mzdxst especially. A growing number of Digital Strategist are engaging Small and Medium Scale Business across every sector to Digitize their operations; bringing efficiency and sustainability.


As part of effort to achieve the unique mandate to “enable the Nigeria Youth For The Digital Economy” it has become essential build a robust ecosystem that will create an end-to-end value chain that leverages Goals 8 of the SDGs to achieve all other relevant goals to our Communities.

Youthnomics xrays the aspirations of a million Nigerian Youth, while providing the Content and the Context for an effective Mainstreaming of the Unique Aspirations and Qualities of the Youth with the SDGs. The book and platform aggregates, mainstreams and scale the unique contribution and consumptions of the demography as platform for Unparalleled Opportunities and Amazing Possibilities for massive Job creation and Sustaunable Economic Growth.

Here is to the CRAZY ones… The need to set up MindtheGap Innovation Hub cannot be better served than now.

With over 8 years of mentoring and facilitating the jumpstarting of Amazing Social Mobility Enterprise like; Slum2School, STEM-Ed, Here2Heal, Built2Last, Waste2Wealth, GenLeaders, AccessDrive, SHEnomics, and many more, finally having a purpose built Training, Brainstorming, Creative and Engaging place to nurture ideas will bring major ACCELERATION to the Enterprise Incubation and effort to achieve the SDGs.

OCTOBER 2ND; 10:00am.

It is therefore a pleasure to have you join 50 Emerging OSSAP-SDGs DSA Success stories (Digital strategist), MindtheGap Onboarders, NYSC SDGs Champions and other strategic stakeholder for the first Quarterly SDGs Social Innovation Meet Up.

The objectives of the Meet Up are to:

  1. Report on update and challenges on SDGs Progress and jointly articulate next steps
  2. Present Youth Nomics as a viable content and context that will accelerate the required knowledge for the achievement of the SDGs
  3. Sign up interested Digital Strategist, Onboarders and SDGs champions for a 3-6-9 months Paid Intership and Incubation Programme


1. Why we are here!

2. UNGA Debrief: Deliberation & Resolutions.

3. Presentations and Panel Discussion: Achieving The SDGs – My Role and Job Description.

4. Break Out Session

5. Presentation & Communique

We look forward to an exciting and rich time.

Accelerating the SDGs starts here, you could be the next big thing the world is waiting for.

Thank you.

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