…help our YOUTH the TRUTH to know…

As I flew into Lagos from one of my weekly to-and-fro flights to Abuja, I found it amazingly engaging thinking about the fourth line of the Nigeria National anthem, “…help our YOUTH the TRUTH to know…”

In spite of the bumpy ride on our landing in Lagos, I was so captivated by the seemingly simple, yet deep seated, prayer of the national anthem. The fact that I couldn’t put up my BlackBerry to Research In Motion seemed like a serious denial because I was so puzzled by the complex tune that the 26-letter words were playing in my head and I was so eager to find what the dictionary had to say about the word: TRUTH.

I came up with a few meanings of “TRUTH” in my head even as I enjoyed the smooth and very courteous engagement by the Nigerian pilot of Medview Airlines as he was advising us on keeping our seat belt on because of the expected turbulence due to the weather situation in Lagos. I scribbled intently and intensely as I attempted to answer the throbbing question in my heart yet I couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to check my BlackBerry or any of the very many devices I carry around with me.

I asked myself the question, “…help our youth the truth to know, what is the TRUTH?” almost every minute of the 55 minutes flight. I got an answer which was temporarily satisfactory within the context of my meditation but little did I realize that the search for the definition of “TRUTH” as been as ambiguous since creation.

The search for the TRUTH has been the beginning of a long search for meaning and has remained more of a spiritual excursion into the divine. I concluded in my mind that the wisdom of the founding fathers needed to be further explored to find out why they would ascribe such an huge task to the Nigerian youth as a remedy to the abysmal performance of the nation due to the unfulfilment of our first and second prayers which were to (i) direct our noble causes and, (ii) guide our leaders right.

My personal conversation/soliloquizing or meditation that started with a personal conviction that: I am, and want to be, an UNREPENTANT OPTIMIST in the emancipation of Nigeria through active youth engagement led me into a definition of truth which says: TRUTHS are fundamental information, knowledge, principles, realities, component, e.t.c that form the building blocks or fabric of an entity in its ORIGINALITY. TRUTH is the logic that gives an entity its TRUE form. TRUTHS are the pillars/thrust that gives a building its true shape. TRUTHS are the principles that gives an entity its meaning, form, being, etc.

TRUTH is powerful and real and like the holy book said, “TRUTH sets free”. Still in search of a perfect definition of the word TRUTH however, for a practical understanding of the prayer and expectations of the Nigerian Youths from the God of Creation: TRUTHS are fundamental information, knowledge, principles e.t.c that are vital to making accurate and important decisions for their success.

These TRUTHS might not be available in what is obvious so it requires a search from the source of all TRUTH. The truth needed to make vital decision or shape their meanings might not be available in the prevailing order of the day where there are: (i) no noble causes or they are not directed right and (ii) our positional leaders are not guided right to communicate a compelling direction for the youths to follow.

Well-directed noble causes and well-guided leaders are essential role models to shape the beliefs and conviction of the youths. Their (youths) perceptions are shaped by prevailing logic, whether wrong or right. This is why its been alluded that the Nigerian Youths are in a “Clash of Civilizations”. They are torn between embracing the “New Nigeria Campaign” or settling down to the prevailing reality of “Survival of the Fittest”.

TRUTH!… What are the TRUTHS that Nigerian Youths needs to know?!

Oh God of creation, help our youth the TRUTH to know. Or better still, help our youth to know the TRUTH!

TRUTH! What are the TRUTH that Nigerian Youths needs to know!
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4 Replies to “…help our YOUTH the TRUTH to know…”

  1. The word TRUTH is yet to be understood or non by our leaders, not only the youth. It is our prayer that one day the leaders will wake up 4rm their slumber n face the TRUTH

  2. The truth is basically what we make it nowadays. The mentality of the youths has been infiltrated with the corruption of the present day leaders. Now the question is will we continue to wallow in this norm? That’s left for every youth to decide. We need to be optimistic, build our environment with the strength we have and most importantly try to spark up minds to change the norm.

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