5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Career With A Personal Community Development Project (NYSC)

A. Project Conceptualization:
– Career Assessment
– Problem Identification
– Research
– Stakeholder Engagement
– Solution Articulation
– Project Planning
– Proposal Writing
– Continuous focused research

B. Project Execution:
– Advocacy
– Training (key stakeholders)
– Clubbing/Project Community
– Main Project

C. From Personal Community Development Project to Social Enterprise (Becoming a Trusted Authority)
– Publicity (project blog & social media)
– Project Commissioning
– Establish vital relationships with professional bodies (if in existence)
– Attend relevant conferences, workshops, etc

D. Enterprise Incubation Phase
– Register a Social Enterprise with Corporate Affairs Commission
– Develop a Business Plan
– Strengthening your Niche through continuous engagement with Stakeholders
– Community Shield Social Entrepreneurship Award/Start Up Grant

E. Establishing your Social Enterprise (Post-NYSC)

– Get your first contract/job or develop an Intervention Project around your social enterprise
– Volunteer in related projects
– Use Social Media/Blog to build your niche
– Establish and follow through a “Financing your greatness” plan
(Personal, Friends & Family, Corporate Partnership and Return on Investment)
– Access to “Social Business Loan” from NYSC Foundation, BridgeFund and other Funding Agencies.

2 Replies to “5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Career With A Personal Community Development Project (NYSC)”

  1. Thank you for this very vital information. I consider it very useful for my Personal CDS project.

    I am currently serving in Amai Secondary Commercial School, Amai, Delta State and I have started making plans to run a Project called the Pearl Child Project. This project is a social and educational based project that focuses on advocacy against teenage pregnancy, rape, drug abuse, illiteracy amongst other issues that affect the students in the community.

    So far, I have submitted a proposal to the NYSC office (for which i am awaiting approval), met with some notable people in the community to intimate them of this project, gotten a few students to fill questionnaires on what their expectations for the project are, sent out emails to some NGOs (focusing on issues mentioned above), requesting for partnership in the areas of project execution.

    I once again thank you for this information and I look forward to working and sharing ideas with the MindtheGap team to make this project a high impact solution to the identified problems.

    ‘Tolu George

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