Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme #SocEnt_NYSC; Seasons of Opportunities for Nigerian Graduates!

Social Entrepreneurs Incubation Programme -SocEnt_NYSC Turning Problems to Projects and Passion to Profit (a practical guide to turning NYSC Personal Community Development Project to Post NYSC Social Entrepreneurship)

It is a Season of Opportunities for Nigeria Graduate to jump start their career by taking advantage of prevail socio-economic and political challenges to emerge as Social Entrepreneurs. It is time we rebuild the socio-economic and political odds for our advantage; develop relevant skills, innovative ideas, engage stakeholder, build Financial Intelligence there by creating Jobs through Social Entrepreneurship Interventions. This new paradigm will facilitate massive job creation and social inclusion for the growing number of Nigeria Graduates.

The New Reality
With over 70% (50% been youth) of the 160M+ Nigeria population is unemployed (Bureau of statistic), the focus of NYSC orientation programme must therefore be designed to integrate Corps Members Career Aspirations into the pressing social needs.

Corps Members Career trainings MUST go beyond the usual: how to prepare a winning Cv, how to answer interview questions, generic/subsistence skills acquisition, etc. The Nigerian Graduates today is faced with a unique kind of opportunities as a result of the Global Economic Recovery, Transformation Strategies and Rethinking about Africa.

The realities of today requires that Corps Members MUST acquire peculiar skills like Innovation, stakeholder analysis, fund raising, etc through active use of their weekly 8 hours for Personal Community Development Project. This will serve as a (service learning) platform for honing their skills and establishing their interest in a particular field.

Consequently, the 2012 Batch C Career Summit/Inter Platoon Debate will focus on one of the Three Pillars of the Socio-Economic Transformation Structure: Financial Intelligence …a critical skill for Entrepreneurship Development.

The camp engagement holding in Lagos, Abuja, Osun & Oyo will be an opportunity to review the financial capacity of the Corps Members with a goal of giving participants a simple model that with guaranty their Career & Financial Success. Facilitators are expected from a Leading Commercial Bank, World Bank, United Nations office, SME practitioners, Social Entrepreneurs, MindtheGap Ambassadors, etc.

After camp, interested Corps Members will be integrated into the Social Entrepreneurship Network through (workshops, Training/Project Incubation, Project Execution/Skills Acquisition/Support) Programmes which are designed to help them migrate their Personal Community Development Project to Social Enterprise after NYSC.

Below are E-Green Service Personal Community Development Project Guideline & Synopsis of my book: MindtheGap – Turning your Passion to Profit (a practical guide to Personal Community Development Project – PCDP to Social Entrepreneurship)

A. Project Conceptualization (During a Five weeks SEiP Training):
– Passion2Profit Career Assessment
– Problem Identification
– Research
– Stakeholder Engagement
– Solution Articulation
– Project Planning
– Proposal Writing
– Google Alert & Continuous research

B. Project Execution:
– Advocacy
– Training (key stakeholders)
– Clubbing/Project Community
– Main Project

C. From PCDP to Social Enterprise (Becoming a Trusted Authority)
– Publicity (project website/blog & Social Media)
– Project Commissioning
– Establish vital relationship with professional body (if in existence)
– Attend relevant conferences, workshops, etc

D. Enterprise Incubation Phase
– Register a Social Enterprise with Corporate Affairs Commission
– Develop a Business Plan
– Strengthening your Niche through continuous engagement with Stakeholders
– Sign Up on eNestNg (Eagles Nest Nigeria – A Social Entrepreneurship Safety Nest)
– Get CommunityShield Social Entrepreneurship Award/Start Up Grant

E. Establishing your Social Enterprise (Post NYSC)

– Get your first contract/Job or Develop an Intervention Project around your Social Enterprise
– Volunteer in related project as a Social Enterprise
– Use Social Media/Blog to build your niche
– Establish and follow through a “Financing your greatness” plan
(Personal, Friends & Family, Corporate Partnership and Return on Investment)
– Access to “Social Business Loan” from a Leading Banks

Testimonial & Motivation
In the past 3 years MindtheGap has inspired in excess of 50,000 and directly mentored over 2000 Corps Members with exciting testimonials.

However as we prepare for another orientation camping: career summit & recruitment of a new batch of Proteges, our desire for greater impact on the programme has grown even as the programme expands to other states.

Consequently, in view of our reviews & research into Global Job Creation and Recovery/Transformation Strategies, we discover that Social Innovation/Entrepreneurship is leading the way in creating opportunities for Young People and lowering the entry barriers to Entrepreneurship Development.

It is a Season of Opportunities: in line with prevail situation and emerging opportunities in our country, we believe its time we realign the odds by creating the Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme – SocEnt_NYSC intervention. This new paradigm will facilitate massive job creation and social inclusion for the growing number of Nigeria Graduates.

Our Goal is to incubate 300 Social Enterprise Annually which could create over 5000 new jobs across the nation.

For further details: Sign up your passion, send an sms or email: SocEnt_NYSC, your name, Phone number, e-mail address, batch, state, area of social interest to 08094830001 or

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