Transformation Entrepreneurs/Enterprises Development – TED Platform

Dear Discerning Nigerian Graduate, the new NYSC Posting and Skills Acquisition & Entrepreneurship Development policies are either strategies to Leapfrog Nigerian Graduates from Unemployment to Successful Entrepreneurship or a deliberate effort to “Disadvantage” an already “Disadvantaged & Unemployable” Graduates.

In my years of Human Resources Management Career: re-engineering, recruiting and training organisations and Employees of small, medium and large Local and Multi-national Organisations, I have not been as excited as I am today for the privilege to be a part of the Citizen-Led Transformational Programme for Nigeria.

Transformational Entrepreneurs/Enterprise Development Platform- TED-P is a platform for rethinking and re-engaging Nigeria Socioeconomic and Political Problems by turning these Problems to Opportunities.

For real!

TED-P is a deliberate “against all odds” problems realignment platform for “Discerning Nigerian Graduates”. It is a support system for the new NYSC policies to avoid the consequences of its failure.

TED-P is a safety nest for emerging entrepreneurs/enterprises who are “Rejecting the Myth of their Generations Apathy”, harnessing the Huge Opportunities emerging in Africa/Nigeria (acquiring relevant skills, engaging their community with solutions to pressing social needs) and mobilizing the necessary Human Energy (Faith, Vision & Fortitude) to push the achievement of their individual “Mainstreamed” Career Aspirations.

It’s a network of DNG pushing their career objectives beyond subsistence/survival mindset; managing Processes, People and Profit to a strong drive to achieve specific TRANSFORMATIONAL Policies & Institutional Development in Africa/Nigeria.

TED-P is first a mentality and mission than an organisation. The mission driven by a passionate desire for social equity is non confrontational but aggressive.

Its unapologetic stance challenges status quo and defies ALL socio-economic & political barriers.

Isn’t it Time?

Strictly for the Bold & Brilliant!

Kindly drop your comments and let the revolution begin!

…help our YOUTH the TRUTH to know

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